***Kismet Sporthorses currently does not have any horses for sale. But please check back often as this can change at a moments notice. Feel free to email Lindsay Cooper directly as well with a description of what you are currently searching for. There is a great chance one of our contacts has what you're looking for!

Silhouette- SOLD

Congratulations to Jamie!! We are so thrilled for this talented young rider to align with this incredible mare! We can not wait to watch your career unfold!

Justin- SOLD

Congratulations to Mary Hale on her purchase of Justin! Justin absolutely loves her and I know he will be so happy at his new home. Huge thank you to Erika West Danque for her part in helping Mary. I can't wait to see these two at the shows!

Danue- SOLD

Congratulations to Nicole Flynn and her son, Owen, of Houston, TX on her purchase of Danue! We couldn't be happier with this partnership and we wish her luck in her dressage endeavors! And we know that Danny will love his new young rider as well!

Barcelona SG- SOLD

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