We are very blessed to have access to numerous outstanding vet practices here in North Texas. For "in-house" appointments we work very closely with two clinics, Haslet Vet Clinic and Absolute Equine. Both are simply outstanding and well versed in Sports Medicine as well as routine maintenance and are our first line of defense for any emergency. For anything requiring more advanced care or diagnostics, we have three highly respected surgical centers within an hour: Weatherford Equine Hospital, Equine Sports Medicine & Surgery in Weatherford, and Weems & Stephens Equine Hospital in Aubrey.

Dr. Mark Crabill of Haslet Veterinary Clinic has extensive experience in Equine Veterinary Medicine including equine surgery and lower limb/lameness specialty. Whether it has been an emergency, pre-purchase exams, routine vaccinations, lameness, or any other situation, he has been reliable in both response time and knowledge. His clinic is located a mile from the barn, so we have very convenient access to top notch care. For more information, please visit their website at

We also work with closely with Dr. Matt Lampe of Absolute Equine. He has been tremendous on multiple occasions in diagnosing and resolving some more complicated issues. Dr. Lampe specializes in Equine Dentistry and does a great job of keeping our horse's dental health in top shape. In addition to this and other routine care, his knowledge and experience with Sporthorse management has been invaluable. He has a very high respect for the difficult job our horses have and the high athletic demand that is placed on these horses. For more information, please visit his website at


For more information about each of the surgical facilities, please visit their websites:

         Weatherford Equine Hospital:    

         Equine Sports Medicine & Surgery:

         Weems & Stephens Equine Hospital:


As athletes, horses are subjected to many of the same rigors that human athletes are, plus a few of their own. In addition to the demands of the sport, other factors that might necessitate bodywork include: accidents or injuries, saddle fit, conformation or asymmetries, trailer incidents or long trailer rides to name a few. Our Chiropractor uses gentle and effective methods to help restore normal function to the spine, enabling the horse to perform to the best of their ability. In certain cases, the use of laser light therapy may be employed as well. This versatile and effective healing modality has become mainstream with people, and is quickly becoming highly utilized in animals as well.

Saddle Fitter/Maker

Kismet Sporthorses is extremely fortunate to have the expertise of Jan Hulsebos ensuring that each and every horse has a saddle that fits as well as possible. Not only is he a master saddle maker and fitter, he has designed a line of saddles that provides options for almost every horse out there as well as accounting for rider comfort and ability to use our aides as effectively as possible. Though Jan is originally from Holland and currently resides in France, we are so very happy to host him twice a year when he returns to the US to provide fitting services to his current clients as well as take measurements for making a custom saddle for any new clients or horses. His wife, Tilsa, is originally from Lubbock, TX and is irreplaceable in helping to keep him organized and on schedule. Ha! She is also our main point of contact for any and all of our needs and she can always be relied upon to provide excellent customer service. For more information about Hulsebos Saddles and other products please visit their website at

Massage Therapist

Casey Dishman with Topline Equine Massage has been our "go-to" person since our inception in 2011 for keeping the horses' muscles feeling in top form. The information she is able to provide about the health and current state of the horse's body is invaluable for keeping the training process on track and helping identify any potential trouble areas before they become serious. Casey completed her certification in 2007 through the Arizona Institute of Equine Massage Therapy and Kinesiology. In addition to the coursework, this process included supervised internships as well as over 270 hours of hands-on training. Casey is amazing at continuing her education through independent research and is always looking for the next opportunity to expand her knowledge and share it with her clients. Her philosophy is very simple: to maintain a happy, pain-free horse at a consistent and competitive level through a wide range of massage techniques and targeted stretching. The goal is to help improve range of motion, muscle pliability, circulation, and joint stability to not only help us in our endeavor to produce happy athletes but also help prevent injuries.